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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – June 24, 2004


A hundred dead and hundreds wounded as Iraqi insurgents launch coordinated
attacks on five cities ….in Iraq’s third largest city Mosul –usually quiet -suicide bombings kill 62. ..three US soldiers are among the day’s dead..

For the first time a majority in a poll says the war on Iraq was a mistake
and that its has made the United States less safe from terrorism

A victory for the Bush Administration at the Supreme Court as a 7 to 2 majority rules it does not have to reveal details about Vice President Cheney’s energy task force until after the election if at all

Bombings in two of Turkey’s main cities on the eve of President Bush’s visit to the country

A protest at the Alameda County Medical Center over hundreds of planned layoffs there

And an angry Fidel Castro denounces charges by the Bush Administration that Cuba is trafficking in children


50 niggaz
Kev Choice
Gone To Far
Word Play
Twan Mac
Count Up
Dirty Dawn
Dirty Dawn
Kev Choice
Hella Quick
Concious Daughter
Somethin To ride To
Naolean Da Legend
Street runner
Sunspot Jones
I dont
Neah rose
I want You
Mac Reem
Top Down

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