Setting the Standard 2

Setting the Standard 2 – March 25, 2024

this episode is no longer available


A mix of la raza, reggae, jazz and politically conscious music.


Artist Song Album Label
Allisiana Miche'VoicemailsSomebody Prayed for MeLeista Publishing & Company, LLC
LedisiAlrightLost And FoundUniversal Music
Josh RondarisCCCProduct Of The 90'sJosh Rondaris
Asse89 Bars (Special Version)PRIMO2313044 Records DK
Lengualerta/Nai-Jah/Alpha SteppaCeasefire NowCeasefire NowDubs For Peace
Alpha Steppa,Kevin GadWhere is the DubWhere is the LoveORCHARD - Steppas Records
Oskar KlapCypher V2 The BeatCypher V2 The Beat
Ray RozelMuscle MemoryMuscle Memory5443321 Records DK2
IncognitoNeed To KnowTribes, Vibes And ScribesVerve