The creation of terror…PLUS: Bay Area housing crisis

Terrorism: where did it begin, and where will it end?  We talk about the attacks in Paris and beyond, and Western reaction.  PLUS: Rich people only! The Bay Area’s crisis in housing is only getting worse.  We look for solutions.  AND: a new book introduces children to the symphony.  With host Kris Welch.


    Kris Welch ,guests ,one must ask who benefits from these bloody barbarians ,Daesh ,sure it is not the people of the middle east or Muslims ,in fact both groups make 99.99999% of their victims , the ones who benefit from Daesh bloody actions are those who invaded Iraq based on lies ,the same ones who have been propagating the falsely called class of civilization and Islamophobia ,people like Frank Gafneb ,Paul Wolfwitz ,Richard Perle ,Michael Ladeen ,Bernard Lewis ,Daniel Pipe ,David Ferom , Charles Krauthammer ,William Kristol ,and the rest of them dual Israeli citizens Neocons who are now advancing their 1992 Wolfwitz doctorine,and 1996 Clean Breaks .and their 1998 Project For New American Century ,that is PNAC ,Their plan was to ihvade all countries in the middle east ,have regime change and destroy them all ,to create their dream of the greater Israel .so after their li8es and deception was bared in their invasion of Iraq ,now they created and using the enemy from within that their agents ,Daesh .they are doing that with their cohort ,the American military industrial complex ,their Wall Street and others.


    While Daesh bloody barbarians murdered few hundred in France and elsewhere ,their victims in Iraq and Syria ,and elsewhere in the middle east exceeds one half million people ,Daesh never fired one singe shot at Israel which is committing genocide against the Palestinian people 3very day….I am asking the question again ,.who benefits from Daesh bloody action……Daesh leades are paid agents on a mission to destroy the middle east and put a bloody face on Islam and the 1.5 million Muslims across the World.


    Dick Cheney and John Ramsfield as well as G.W. Bush were manipulated by the Neocons ,just as just as their paid agents Daesh today .

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