Saturday Morning Talkies with Guest Host Vylma V – June 13, 2015

The cultural, the intellectual, the political, the spiritual—and the silly. Life as we know it, fear it, love it, question it, live it. Hosted by Kris Welch.

  • Greg Allen Getty

    …well the call screener knows my number so after lambasting Egypt’s anti-Brotherhood government Bob was spared my Q re the West’s ‘salafist principality’ the Rand Corp and Pentagon’s DIA dialed up to divide the opposition w/ the 2007 ‘Redirection’ he wrote about so revealingly (after Israel’s 2006 debacle in Lebanon)…now…he was talking “about the close connection between the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies and Silicon Valley companies. And…the example of In-Q-Tel, a company that was founded with CIA support. And the CIA was—In-Q-Tel was—Palantir, one of the companies spun off by In-Q-Tel, was their client, their only client…”…and regarding “…Facebook. See…Peter Thiel actually has written about the need to dominate a market.” …now…is that Thiel any relation to the one I testified against…when D. Lowell Jensen (who had Leon Kelner drop case against Southern Air after Hassenfus spilled beans on Mr Bill’s guns for drugs coke stand in Iran-Contra scandal) used a marinol prescription to discredit video of Matt going down clutching his head as evidence against defendant Thiel (who knocked me over as I was filming in another case where my nurse aid training in range of motion and years of filming cops’ maiming and torture qualified me expert witness in police brutality against Alex Takaoka, who twisted arm behind back up to her neck (as big brother had done)…for calling out “rapist” after UC Police Chief Harrison ‘authorizing’ his field body cavity search and his exoneration for it… …unrelated to the case in which I got a County employee named Thiel fired for using their water truck to spray protesters down…he was picked up by the privatre rail road company contracted to clear the memorial stones from rr trax @ 5300 Port Chicago Highway…where it intersects w/ the Concotrd weapons station’s rail road to hell

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