Rep. Barbara Lee on the Iran deal

The Iran nuclear deal is signed, sealed–but has NOT made it through Congress.  Congresswoman Barbara Lee joins us to talk about its chances. PLUS: Sonia Faruqi says she’s found out the truth about our food—and it’s not a pretty picture.  But!  she has some healing suggestions.  With host Kris Welch.


3 responses to “Rep. Barbara Lee on the Iran deal

  1. Iran is a far older and more mature civilization than this one i.e. the new-Rome! Peace needs diplomacy not U.S.A.I.D. promulgating fanatic-penataGooons rhetoric and surprise cIAS invasions. The lack of defense is far more evident in this poe-dunk state/police-state than comparisons have been seen–or maybe not allowed. Fact is there are two “nuclear-weapons” and NSDU-238 is prevalent in those nations-states w or w.o. thermo: ur-235 capacity of highly enriched uranium. What is easier calamity/discussion or use/nonuse depends on the value is NSDU-238 (not-so-depleted ur-238) which is not surrogated to pleasures of treaties, treatise on worldwide cleanups, protection/use in advents on terrorism on NPP’s–or threat!

    US of new-Rome has no bargaining power because “bad-attitude”…period.

  2. Terrific show today, Kris. Looking for places where our movements intersect hopefully means having more animal welfare, rights, liberation interviews. I want to suggest Hope Bohanec, whose book The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat?, takes another view of factory farming and its consequences. I had wanted to make a comment for your guest but didn’t get in in time. My comment/question is: Don’t all the animals, raised pastorally or in factory farms, end up at the slaughterhouse? And isn’t that what really diminishes our humanity?

  3. Hey Barbara, please have a chat with your good friend Senator Boxer. Seems she’s undecided about the Iran Deal. Perhaps she’s being bombarded with Netanyahoo supporters..

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