Bernie or Hillary? Oregon! Why Scandinavia works

Bernie or Hillary: who you gonna vote for—and why?  Plus: is the stand-off in Oregon over—or was it just the beginning?  AND: why Nordic style socialism works.  We’ll also have a on-the-ground report from Iowa.  with host Kris Welch.

  • Jude Frank

    We need a president we can trust. Hillary took that 3 am phone call, about Benghazi: consider what happened. She also may have compromised our national security far more seriously than David Petraeus did. I am stunned that anyone can seriously consider her for the highest office in this land. Best we know, Bernie is a man of character.

  • Democrocernus

    why are you moderating my comments. You need more comments here not less. I thought we were open minded at KPFA Maybe not. Maybe we are just democratic sheepherders?

  • Democrocernus

    don’t worry about beating republicans with Bernie–he is pro gun. he is white. his ads appeal to farmers and working class men. That is is his intention and why he avoids the gun debate–to gain conservative undecided and republicans on the fence. but these same people will never vote for Hillary. sorry. Bernie is playing the long game.

    • Brendan

      Bernie is of the Jewish persuasion which is not White; it is an ethnic minority
      long victimized by host nations. Jews do not consider themselves White
      except in certain circumstances of convenience or when in cryptsis due to
      fear of being distrusted by host peoples if perceived as a Jew. European
      Jews appear white, Having a Jewish President would likely result in a marked
      sympathy for the Jewish colonial establishment in Palestine. Hilary’s actions
      in the Bengazi events are disturbing as the American putative homosexual Ambassador
      was unnecessarily allowed to be captured and murdered by hostile entities that
      was all watched over many hours on televised via satellite communication to
      the State Dept. and DOD. [according to a program I watched].
      “There is something rotten in Denmark” and neither Hilary nor Bernie would change
      the reality of a government that works against the interests of the American people
      and has been flooding America with legal and illegal immigrants concurrently with
      removing the manufacturing hardware to China. Not to neglect mention of the
      perpetual wars in the Mideast to secure the realm of Israel financed by borrowed
      money–mostly from Communist China. geeeze! I suppose I sound like a bigoted
      white supremacist kvetching over endangerment to my numerous white privileges?

      • Jews have always been considered white in the US; they’ve just been considered religiously “other”. Jefferson Davis’s Secretary of State was Judah P. Benjamin—if the Confederate States of America thought you were white, you were white.

      • Democrocernus

        get a life

    • Republicans like black folks too. Perhaps you remember when Herman Cain was the frontrunner, only to be knocked out for a sex scandal, just like Gary Hart and so many other white candidates. Do you think Ben Carson is falling behind because he’s not white?

      • Democrocernus

        yes and no. he is an idiot–number one. but yes republicans –the base–hates black people. I was a N–lover just for supporting democrats and john Kerry–JOh Kerry of all people. hardly a pro black world candidate. And i got this often along with other absurdities republicans regurgitate. the dumb club. the hate club. the gun club. the murder club. the war club. the genocide club. = republican. those black candidates were tekn pure and simple. as was obama. but obama is intelligent and socially progressive–and much loved even if he wasnt the president of change. he represent hope. republicans represent fear. small twisted hearts. Greens and socialists are the true progressives.

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