Saturday Morning Talkies – April 9, 2016

The cultural, the intellectual, the political, the spiritual—and the silly. Life as we know it, fear it, love it, question it, live it. Hosted by Kris Welch.

  • M.

    KPFA, Hi longtime listener here just had to comment re: this morning’s Sat. Morning Talkies program..1st off credit where credit is due.. 99.9% of your guests are nothing short of amazing and blow me away = renowned experts for their subject matter of expertise, so many kudos to you! However, unfortunately this morning’s show was only like the second time I (nearly) had to turn off the radio : Don’t get me wrong I’m all for hosting opposing views! (in fact I think we all agree that’s a major trait that sets KPFA apart from other media), yet not sure how Ms. Suki Graves was invited on to the show, but it resulted in a very painful listening experience : She was rude and condescending and antagonistic to the other (totally posed) guests – most definitely *not* KPFA’s style. Ugh! What a downer!! PLEASE do not have her on again!! If someone chooses to listen to her they can do so via her Twitter page that she plugged like a million times. Keep up the great work Thanks! 🙂

    • CSG

      No angry females allowed on KPFA.

      • Legion

        anger and passion is good. but not belligerence. She was obnoxious, unfair, and corrosive! Like a petulant child. Andlike HC–she had no sense of dialogue, deliberation, perspective–democracy! She needs to take a course in public speaking.

  • Legion

    “One candidate not using corporate money–one–period.”

    RUBBISH!!!!!!!!! Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. The only progressive candidate.

    Tweedle dum tweedle dee-

    you say democracy matters and we have more than two choices that we can discuss it here at KPFA–community radio–then why don’t you ever really discuss Ijll Stein or the the Greens–to give us coke and pepsi and present it as democracy and radical progressive politics. This is community radio–it is meant to be progressive and yet you BLANK jill stein and the green party–you are no different than mainstream corporate media. Shame shame shame. liars and thieves.

    in a democracy we would discuss and promote all candidates. ALL! If we cant do that in community radio–we are lost. truly lost. and you disgust me.

    Bernie voters will vote for HC when she is anointed and/or will not vote. How may will endorse Jill Stein? Get the democrats and the Republicons out of politics.

    ONly KPA has that power. and you do nothing with it. like obama. pathetic!

  • Legion

    this show is nothing but a cheerleader squad for the Democratic Party–not progressive at all-and full of ####!

    HC is not tryign to get money out of politics–she represents money inn politics. she is a bold faced liar on every progressive issue and snake. Pandering to the people.

    JIll stein is a woman–and the ONLY true progressive running.

    I guess community radio has to relax its principles to expand its money base to survive–thus corrupting its purpose. Every election cycle is the same thing. you are pathetic!

  • Legion

    look lady–i am green–progressive–socialist–I can think for myself–i am not listening to republican propaganda when i say–HC is a warmonger and fraud–a liar and corrupt banking shill. She is not good for america. And bernie is a sheepdog. my thoughts–not propaganda. My thumb IN MY TEETH to you!

    • James Lane

      Love The Green Party Passion! We Need More Courageous People Like You!

  • Legion

    this woman you have on here rants and raves and barks a lot. She is overbearing. And it is no wonder she is ignorant of Clinton actions harming the world–or that she is in denial. It is no wonder she is voting for her and promoting her. She is belligerent just like HC. And she is oh so very irritating.

    Kissinger and Clinton and Bush and Cheney and Obama (Drone terror)…are war criminals. but we must resolve the problem of the shadow gov. first–CIA, NSA, and a hundred other secret agencies working for war-profiteers. The .001% and the greater 1%.

    • CSG

      Women rant and rave and bark.

      • Legion

        NO. But this one does and so does HC. Vote Jill Stein. She never rants and raves. She is elegant and compassionate and right!

      • Legion

        this one does. deosnt she? Jill stein doesn’t–ever! but HC does. Dialogue is important. You cant cry woman every time you are being belligerent! This woman was corrosive just like HC. Jill stein is elegant, articulate, compassionate and RIGHT! Oh and she doesnt take ANy corporate or wallstreet or banker money but HC–well, she take sit all. SHe is a fiend.

  • Legion

    You are about letting the community have its say? why is jil stein forsaken?

    • James Lane

      Right On!

  • SageFeldemeyer

    Very disappointed with Kevin Pena’s show on April 9th. There should have been more vetting of the guests. The woman who spoke in support of Hillary Clinton was very hard on the ears. She appeared quite unhinged, defensive and her comments added little to the debate. I am sure you could have found another female Hillary Clinton supporter who was less defensive, more balanced and thoughtful. She was definitely not worth listening to!

    • CSG

      Let’s talk about Vetting Bernie instead of vetting women. Brave public supporters of Hillary Clinton get attacked all day and all night by the angry left, but if one stands up and fights back, unhinged!

      • Chance Kunga

        “Brave public supporters of Hillary Clinton get attacked all day and all night by the angry left”
        LOL, that is one of the silliest things I have ever read on the interwebz. Definitely in the top 5. It takes no “bravery” whatsoever to support the ultra-rich and powerful Hillary Clinton who will soon be the most powerful single individual in the entire world. Try supporting the poor workers who she thinks don’t deserve a living wage, or the Palestinians whose lands she will insure remain occupied, or the 99% who will continue to suffer crushing inequality here in the US under her rule.

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