Roots Kommunikations

Roots Kommunikations – October 7, 2017

this episode is no longer available


Roots Kommunikations on (Occupied) Turtle Island with Selekta Lapulapu and Kru.


u roynatty rebelnatty rebelfront line
u royi'm a rastamansmile a whileariwa
mad professorcool runnings mandela/godeh nelson, go dehpsychedelic dubariwa
alpha blondyi wish you were herejah victorymediacom
ras shilohjoy (onto zion)babylon you doomshiloh b
pablo mosesjah will make a waythe rebirthhouse of moses
johnny clarkeevery knee shall bow (extended)/play fool get wise (extended)dreader dread 1976-1978blood and fire
barrington levyteach the youth - murdererwanted2b1
prezident brownpeople listenv/a: sly & robbie - dance hall killers!taxi
gappy ranksput the stereo onv/a: biggest reggae one-drop anthems 2011greensleeves
beenie manfoundationv/a: sly & robbie - dance hall killers!taxi
michael rose/sly and robbiebad boyx uhurutaxi
luciano/beenie manrunning awayv/a: sly & robbie - dance hall killlers!taxi
michael rose/sly and robbieyush (dub master)/beggar/come homex uhurutaxi
sinead o'connoruntold storiesthrow down your arms(advance copy)
queen omegafootstepsv/a: joyful noise - an i grade records compilationi grade
dezarieeaze the pain (redemption)/the trutheaze the painarl
niyo rahgone crazyv/a: joyful noise - an i grade compilationi grade
midniteshinewhat makes a king?arl
midnitespin doctorjah gridi grade
tchiya ameti've known riversblack turtle islandmilky way
bunny wailerhigh gradev/a: tek set vol. 1solomonic
lucianolegalize itv/a: weed a bun vol. 1jet star
macka bganja ladiesv/a: weed a bun vol. 1jet star
macka blegalize the ganjav/a: the herbalistxterminator
lucianofree up (the herbalist)/skank if you skankingv/a: the herbalistxterminator
coco teathe weedweed a bun vol. 1jet star
anthony bstaight can't leanv/a: weed a bun vol. 1jet star
sizzlasearch fi hardcorev/a: the herbalistxterminator
leroy sibblesmust be goodv/a: the herbalistxterminator
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