Roots Kommunikations

Roots Kommunikations – November 14, 2015

this episode is no longer available


Roots Kommunikations on (Occupied) Turtle Island with Selekta Lapulapu and Kru.


macka bnatural suntan/get consciousnatural suntanariwa
u roy/yabby youi'm a rasta mansmile a whileariwa
u roynatty rebel/so jah say/do you remembernatty rebelfront line
skataliteslee harvey oswald - welcome back homestretching out - live at the blue monk jazz gallery, kingston, jamaica in summer 1983roir
jackie & soul vendorsram jamv/a: clement 'coxsone' dodd - musical fever 1967-1968trojan
cannon & soul vendorsbad treatmentv/a: clement 'coxsone doddtrojan
jackie & soul vendorsgrooving steady" "trojan
sultanship hugger" "trojan
soul vendorssoul junction" "trojan
eric fratervenus" "trojan
slim & freedom singersmercy mercy" "trojan
soul vendorslove me girl" "trojan
jackie & soul vendorsbaba boom" "trojan
marshall williamsnorwegian wood" "trojan
barrington spencecontemplating mind" "trojan
termitesrub up push up" "trojan
ed naglegood girlv/a: clement 'coxsone' dodd - musical fever 1967-1968trojan
dave and ansell collinsdouble barreldouble barrelbig tree
upsetterspolice and dubv/a: mr perry i presume starring lee perry as the upsetterpressure sounds
noel robinson/upsettersalong the way/along the way versionv/a: mr perry i presumepressure sounds
carlton livingston100 weight of collie weed12" kayakaya
upsetterswar and peacev/a: mr perry i presumepressure sounds
upsettersdevil's dub platev/a: mr perry i presumepressure sounds
upsettersreturn of django (original version12" e.p. trojantrojan
upsettersall things are possible (django '85)12" e.p. trojantrojan
lee perryhappy birthday12" e.p. trojantrojan
bobby floyd/young dillinger (sic)sound doctor/doctor skankv/a: the sound doctor - lee perry and the sufferers' black ark singles and dub plates 1972-1978pressure sounds
upsettershorny train (exclusive dub plate mix)v/a: the sound doctorpressure sounds
jah tgrandfather landv/a: the sound doctorpressure sounds
pat francis/upsettersking of kings/king of kings versionv/a; the sound doctorpressure sounds
tinga stewart/hux brown groupsmiling faces/smiling versionv/a: the sound doctorpressure sounds
prince far i with the suns of arqasteppin' to the music - what you gonna' do on the judgement day?musical revue (live in manchester, england on december 7, 1982)roir europe
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