Rising Up With Sonali

Dreamers Launch Hunger Strike Over DACA

As the fate of DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals hangs in the balance, on our show today we’ll go to Racine, Wisconsin where an immigrant youth activist and DACA recipient Valeria Ruiz is on hunger strike outside House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office. Ruiz will tell us her story, how DACA has benefitted her, and how its cancellation would affect her and her family. Then, we’ll hear a commentary by award winning journalist and political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal about climate change and Hurricane Harvey. Finally, TJ Helmstetter joins us from the group Americans for Tax Fairness. He’ll give us an in-depth analysis of Trump’s proposed tax plan, why it’s a giveaway to wealthy corporations and individuals and how it’s linked to defunding social safety net programs. Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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