Rising Up With Sonali

New Study Links Fossil Fuel Companies To Emissions

A new study in Climatic Change for the first time, links the impact of carbon emissions directly to those companies that produce the emissions. As the US and Caribbean reel from the devastation of back-to-back hurricanes, we’ll speak with the study’s lead author today and identify those companies that are most responsible for global warming. Then, our education correspondent Kevin Kumashiro joins us to discuss a new investigative piece in the New York Times on how Michigan’s charter school system, which Betsy Devos championed, is failing, and what that means for the nation as a whole. Finally, Republicans prepare to re-write the US tax code in favor of the rich while Americans are distracted, Hunter Blair of the Economic Policy Institute will explain the reality of how little in taxes US corporations actually pay. Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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