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Rising Up With Sonali – October 3, 2016

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  • “Think before you walk.” “Think before you pink.” “Ask where all that money goes.” I’ve pondered these questions about the pinking industry for a quite some time though I was familiar with Barbara Brenner and her work. All this nonsensical cure-walking and running all these ears—what has it accomplished? The Pink Industry has accomplished absolutely nothing of substance, substance being prevention and cure of breast cancer or of any cancer—from A to Z, AIDS to Zika. The government has sold public health to the highest bidder or the lowest—from the Centers for Disease Control to public health care related to school children and adults diseases thought to have been eliminated but have not or have returned such as measles and mumps and tuberculosis and meningitis.

    What the Pink industry and partners have done is what the disease industry more generally has done: it promotes itself and its partners. It has done nothing for healthcare in the United States or anywhere else. These self-perpetuating industries have extorted (that’s not too strong a word) untold billions from people, the public purse, and public agencies for their and others maintenance-of-illness industries, manufacturers of often patent-holding drugs, procedures, tests, investments in human misery; and for the bribing, buying and selling of politicians and all kinds of physicians, technicians, specialists, bricks and mortar, and PR hucksters.

    If we are “pinking” this month, or walking or running or doing any such nonsensical, momentary personal feel-good pageantry—even if we are wasting time in an unwinnable PR fight with the “Pinking Industry” (instead of pressuring government leadership, demanding, in the Hon. Shirley Chisholm’s words, “unbossed” and “unbought” leadership) —we too are investing in the interminably self-perpetuating illness-disease-misery-making and maintaining industry.

    Thanks, Sonali, for the October 3, 2016, Breast Cancer segment.

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