Rising Up With Sonali

What The Resistance to Trump Has Achieved in 100 Days

While Donald Trump has not had any legislative victories during his first few months as promised he would, the resistance to Trump has made huge gains. On today’s show we’ll turn to John Cavanagh from the Institute for Policy Studies for a look at the resistance victories during Trump’s first 100 days. And, 25 years after the uprising in Los Angeles in response to the acquittal of Rodney King’s police abusers, we’ll turn to our race and criminal justice correspondent Jody Armour. He’ll discuss the history of what happened and why the struggle is still not over, especially in the age of Trump and his Attorney General John Sessions. Finally we’ll round out the hour with author Margaret Randall who has spent years in Cuba. She just wrote a book called Exporting Revolution: Cuba’s Global Solidarity about how Cuba has had an outsized influence on the world compared to its size and population.

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