Rising Up With Sonali

Activists Face Arrest Protesting Trumpcare’s Cuts to Medicaid

Senate Republicans have finally released their version of the American Healthcare Act and what jumps out most are billions of dollars in cuts to Medicaid. On today’s show we’ll go to Washington DC where dozens of disability rights activists who depend on Medicaid funding conducted a die-in at the offices of Mitch McConnell. We’ll speak with Rhoda Gibson and Colleen Flanagan with the group Adapt as they were being arrested and transported to the capital jail. And, in the face of on-going threats from the Trump administration to withhold federal funding to sanctuary cities, activists are looking to the past for lessons. Madeline Janis of the group Jobs to Move America will explain how cities staved off a similar threat from President Reagan over opposition to Apartheid South Africa. Finally, we’ll find out how Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is faring under the new right wing government that forced President Rousseff out of power.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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