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Rising Up With Sonali – June 17, 2016

A daily digest of independent news analysis, investigation, education, artistic expression, and activism in the public interest, emphasizing the connection between global issues and those in local communities. Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

  • Legion

    The BDS boycott–any boycott is freedom of speech. The right to protest. Our first amendment. Its ironic that corporations have been made people with more rights to speak than human beings, but human beings now have no right to speak –IN china you can’t speak truth, you can’t protest. Now america is becoming fascist china. america has been fascist for a long time. the fascists are coming out –more and more open about it and not ashamed. Hillary is a fascist. trump is a fussiest. obama is a muppet for fascists. the enter establishment is fascist.

    Saudia Barbai beheads people in the streets daily–women for diving or getting an education or being raped–if women are raped by monsters–the woman is beheaded and yet SA is americas best friend. if ew boycott SA we are criminals. hmmm.

    this needs to be stopped!! Everyone–must rise p-everyone must boycott Israel and Saudi Arabia. Everyone must come out and speak out and make your views public–challenge this fascist establishment–who violate freedom of speech and protest. the foundation of democracy. Rise! be heard! reject this fascist declaration! Tell them they have no right and you will continue to boycott Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    Free Palestine! Israel is murdering Palestinian babies. Clinton endorse the murder of Palestinian babies and wants you to accept it. You can’t speak about it. Bombs kill babies.

    Students rise! Teachers rise! march in the streets! march on state halls and DC! it is time to free Palestine and condemn Israel. Boycott Cuomo! denounce Cuomo! He is a fascist.

    Yes, ask to be put on this black list! Put me on it! You bloody fascists! Down with Israel–the occupier! Palestine has the right to exist–Israel is an occupying invader–look at the historical map and read your history. Israel has stolen the land–murdering as they go–genocide! Apartheid! Bulldozing homes and protesters! They will cyber bully you–shut them down–arm yourself with knowledge and truth and heart. Be strong! Unite and denounce these criminals. Boycott Israel!

  • Legion

    I am with Sonali!

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