Rising Up With Sonali

How Real is Iraq’s Mosul Victory Over ISIS?

Iraq and the US have declared victory over the Islamic State in Mosul. On today’s show we’ll speak with author and analyst Phyllis Bennis about the unimaginable human cost of that victory and what will come next for Mosul. Then, Alexandra Brodsky from the National Women’s Law Center will join us to explain why Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is courting so-called Men’s Rights groups within the framework of campus rape. The disturbing invite from DeVos’s staff at recent hearings on a law called Title IX, may embolden men’s groups that target and ridicule rape victims. And, we’ll end with an exclusive interview with one man based in the UK who recently infiltrated a Trump supporters group and reported on what he found – a sub-culture that is equal parts horrifying and hilarious.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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