Rising Up With Sonali

What Do Trump’s Work Requirements for Medicaid Mean?

The Trump administration allows states to begin imposing work requirements on recipients of Medicaid – yet another blow to low-income Americans. We’ll turn to Lindsay Koshgarian of the National Priorities Project for more. Then, we’ll go to France to speak with a member of an organization called Stop Planned Obsolescence. Camille Fabacher will explain why her group is among those suing Apple over smart phones that don’t last. Finally, we’ll present an exclusive interview with the author of a new book that, in the vein of Fire and Fury, exposes Donald Trump. Stephen Gilpin, one of the real estate instructors hired by Trump University tells all in his book, Trump U: The Inside Story of Trump University. He’ll join us for an in-depth first interview.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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