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California Vs. Trump: Who Will Win?

Donald Trump’s widely condemned nomination of billionaire Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary was pushed through by a tie-breaking vote of Vice President Mike Pence. We’ll turn to our education correspondent Kevin Kumashiro on the political fight that transpired. And, Trump has declared war on the nation’s wealthiest and most populous state. In the battle of Trump Vs. California, who will win? Calitics.com editor Brian Leubitz will join us. Plus we’ll have a conversation with labor activist, journalist, and author Steve Early about his new book on Richmond, California called Refinery Town: Big Oil, Big Money, and the Remaking of an American City.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

  • Johnny Cheezy Kasitz

    Trump will win. How: Police Chief already blew it for himself when he made these two remarks: remark # 1 ” I will still disobey Trump, even if it costs his city millions in federal aid dollars. I’d risk losing my beliefs,There’s not a price for me to do this differently.” remark # 2 ” a better way to combat America’s illegal immigration problem would be to help strengthen the economies of Mexico and other Central American countries. ” Any job is NOT to be done on what you believe in, If a vegetarian is working at McDonalds should that employee serve BigMacs without the burger patties? Where beliefs are to be fulfilled is when its for a Congregation. A nun is not a job, a nun is a belief that serves the Congregation, the Catholic god. A Muslim that does a terror attack is not a job, its a belief to serve the Muslim god, For Beck to say that is will have to be forced to resign. Now this will be some big lawsuits on discrimination: strengthen economies of Mexico & Central American countries. There are other illegal immigrants here, is Beck saying that if someone from Japan or England id here illegally that person will get deported? Now with Garcetti, he wants to look strong so he gets the latino votes in relection next month, after he is relected he will cave in to Trump for one reason, OLYMPICS. Jerry Brown, who cares, he is a bitter old man that loves to be a scrooge, besides our governor is soon Antonio Viagrossa,

  • David Reinertson

    RE: “Trump will win” below. You may be right. However, if you know what war Donald Trump is waging, you’re a lot smarter than me.

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