Rising Up With Sonali

Rising Up With Sonali – February 7, 2017

Larry Bensky on Rising Up


  • DanBuskirk

    Can’t tell you how much I miss Larry Bensky. Hope these demanding times will lead to him sharing his political wisdom more often, he still brings fresh ideas to the fore. From this morning’s RISING UP w/ SONALI…
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    “A lot of people see in this country Donald Trump not as a political figure but as what he is, which is a show business figure. And when the curtain drops and the people run off the stage behind him, who cares what they said or what they did. They were part of a play. One may moved by it, you
    may have been outraged by it have been amused or entertained by it but it’s over, it’s gone. Life continues on the other side of the curtain.

    We are now coming to grips with the fact that the guy on the other side of the curtain is a powerful person beyond the role that he plays on-stage. Most people I think in this country do not share our
    perception of outrage and irony and sadness and fury, or whatever we have about whatever Donald Trump is saying and doing. Most people think of him still as a guy who is the host of a very popular television series, as someone who still comes on as someone who plays Donald Trump as President.

    Sooner or later (probably sooner) the country and the people in the country are going to have to come to grips with the fact that this is not a guy playing a roll, this guy HAS the role, this is his life now and he is part of our lives now and the things he says and does have real life implications for those of us who live in this country.

    I don’t think most people are there yet, I think they think of politics – because of the way politics has been practiced in this country – as an elitist occupation and they think of show business as something that’s apart from politics and that is also an elitist occupation. The politicians have managed to prove themselves irrelevant and ineffective in our lives, in a large extent, and the entertainment figures have proved themselves highly successful in being able to play their roles, make a ton of money and focus us away from the political and geopolitical facts of our lives.

    So until those two worlds coalesce – much more than they have so far – I don’t think we’re going
    to see…effective…effective is the word I’m looking for…change in the way Donald Trump and his administration behave…”

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