Rising Up With Sonali

Afghanistan Surpasses Civil War in Length, Still No End in Sight

The Afghanistan war, ignored by the media, politicians, and the public, is the longest war the US has ever waged, surpassing even the length of our own civil war. On today’s show, we’ll speak with journalist Douglas Wissing about what he calls the “unwinnable war.” And, 50 years after the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his powerful Beyond Vietnam speech, we’ll examine, not just the US military budget, but the “militarized budget” and how it is expanding under Trump, with researcher Lindsay Koshgarian. Finally, we’ll look to the upcoming March for Science events taking place nationwide on Earth Day, April 22nd. Lead organizer and molecular biology PhD student Alexander Bradley will explain why thousands of scientists and non-scientists are getting political under today’s dangerous, anti-science government. Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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