Rising Up With Sonali

Trump and Staff’s Financial Holdings Create Unprecedented Ethics Concerns

The Trump administration may be the wealthiest cabinet in the history of US presidencies. Today, in the wake of financial disclosures of some members of the cabinet, we’ll speak with Propublica’s Derek Kravitz about the complex and tangled web of ethic violations and conflicts of interest in the White House. And, we’ll go to the UK which has begun proceedings to remove itself from the European Union. A group of activists recently took direct action to stop a plane carrying migrants for deportation. We’ll speak with Lily May with the group End Deportations about violence against migrants in the context of Brexit. Finally, we’ll hear from University of California Professor Emeritus Marc Pilisuk about why bombing the Islamic State doesn’t work and how non-violent means are the only way forward.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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