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Trump’s State Dept Promotes His Private Luxury Club in Florida

Donald Trump’s State Department comes under fire for promoting his private luxury, members-only club in Florida. The billionaire businessman-turned-President has so many conflicts of interest that it’s hard to keep track. On our show today Paul S. Ryan of the group Common Cause will discuss this latest report of how the Presidency could be lining Trump’s personal pockets. And, we’ll turn to our correspondent Arun Gupta for part 1 of a two part conversation assessing Trump’s first 100 days in office with a special focus on immigration. Finally, Harvard sociologist Robert Manduca will join us to explore the results of a new study on the fading American dream and how upward mobility in the US has dramatically dropped and why income redistribution, rather than economic growth is our way out of the slump.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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