Rising Up With Sonali

Cornered Trump Boasts of Authority to Fire Mueller

As Donald Trump feels increasingly isolated and livid over the FBI raid of his lawyer’s office, speculations abounds as to what he will do next. If he listened to Fox News, which is what appears to set his agenda these days, he may fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller or DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. On our show today we’ll turn to Matt Gertz who watches Fox News so you don’t have to. Then, the Poor People’s Campaign has joined forces with the Institute for Policy Studies to produce a detailed audit of the past 50 years of economic policies. We’ll speak with IPS’s Karen Dolan about the report, called The Souls of Poor Folk. Finally, author Rickey Gard Diamond joins us to discuss why a male-dominated discourse on economics has led to a persistent gender pay gap. Her new book is called Screwnomics: How Our Economy Works Against Women and Real Ways to Make Lasting Change.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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