Pushing Limits

Chelsea Lesner-Buxton – Blind & Living With Mental Disability – Pushing Limits – November 3, 2023

Chelsea Lesner-Buxton


Chelsea Lesner-Buxton is a legally-blind woman in her late 20s who lives with emotional disabilities.

In this program she talks to her about her abusive childhood and her intense struggle to find a reason to live.

In only two-three years, her life has improved significantly and she believes she has the tools to continue with this firm foundation.

She tells us how she found those tools, why they have been such a help to her and speaks directly to those who may feel hopeless today.

“Just because you feel like you’re at your wits end with your mental health or you’re at such a low point that you don’t feel like you can ever go up – trust me, I was there.  With the right supports (and it does take work; it really does), you can get to a point where you’re more stable and you’re feeling better about yourself. 

“You’re never alone no matter how much you feel like you’re alone.  There’s always somebody, even if it’s a stranger, that cares!”  Chelsea Lesner-Buxton

Produced and hosted by Adrienne Lauby
Audio editing help by Denny Daughters