Pushing Limits

End of the Year – Pushing Limits – December 30, 2022

We bid farewell (we‘ll let you decide if it’s fond or not) to 2022, by talking about the past year with activists from throughout North America.

Cyndi Soto

In Los Angeles, Cynde Soto successfully advocated with others to get an accessible bus stop at Dodger Stadium.


Kaden Hirsch

In Brooklyn, Kaden Hirsch became better at expressing their needs to roommates regarding safety during the pandemic.

In Toronto, Canada, we catch up with Aerik Woodams who talks about their interest in building care networks and the challenges that come from that work.  They work with Peoples Hub Community Care Clinic for Disabled and Chronically Ill Movement Folks; The Body Politic Covid-19 Support Group and have had experience with the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s monitoring of the rights of people with disabilities.

Aerik Woodams








And, in Santa Barbara, veteran disability rights advocate Bonnie Elliot talks about her concerns about the future of the U.S and, more specifically, the acceptance of people with disabilities.


Bonnie Elliott, Access Advisory Committee of the City of Santa Barbara







Finally, we pay tribute to disability advocate and Bay Area’s own Hale Zukas who passed away this November.  This segment has information from an obituary that appeared in Berkeleyside, written by Joan Leon and Pam Mendelsohn.  Additional material comes from Susan Chernilo who worked as Hale’s attendant in the 1970s; Deborah Kaplan, Deputy Director of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office on Disability; Pam Mendelsohn, former World Institute on Disability employee; and Charles Siegel, transportation committees co-worker.  It is voiced by Mark Romoser.


For Susan Chernilo’s essay in remembrance of Hale Zukis, click HERE

Photo from the Center for Independent Living, Berkeley, CA






This episode of Pushing Limits produced by Jacob Lesner-Buxton and hosted by Adrienne Lauby, and with editing assistance from Mark Romoser, Sheela Gunn-Cushman and Adrienne Lauby.