Pushing Limits

Labels & Names – Pushing Limits – August 26, 2022

Bonnie Elliot, facilitator

We talk about names- the labels people give people with disabilities and the labels we choose for ourselves.

Sometimes labels are a result of able bodied discomfort with talking to someone who looks or acts differently from them.

You know the question:
“What do I say?  How do I approach a person with an obvious disability.”

There’s a simple answer:
“Say ‘Hello, My name is _____’”

But, historically and individually, the issue of names and labels is quite complex.

We recorded a Friday afternoon social hour with twelve people on this topic.  It was hosted by the Tri-County Independent Living Center in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo.  The Pushing Limits collective was represented there by Jacob Lesner-Buxton who hosts this regular event and by Adrienne Lauby.

From Handicapped to Crip, what we call ourselves and what others call us has repercussions for our self-worth, our position in society and our future on the planet.

The discussion was led by Bonnie Elliot and you’ll hear from
Andrew Oman
Rosa Lopez
Ella Moore
Vanessa Acain
Sandy Krietzberg
Emily Bridges
Judith Lesner
Chelsea Crabill.

The Pushing Limits collective was represented by Jacob Lesner-Buxton, who hosts this regular event, and by Adrienne Lauby.


Program Host: Mark Romoser
Produced by: Jacob Lesner-Buxton.
Edited by: Adrienne Lauby & Mark Romoser