Pushing Limits

Hunting the Elusive State Job – Pushing Limits – August 12, 2022

Aaron Carruthers. A white man with neatly trimmed hair, a white shirt and suit jacket gestures and he addresses an unseen audience. We see his microphone.
Aaron Carruthers

For many years the unemployment rate of people with disabilities has hovered around 70%.   It seems that every few years, a public official announces initiatives  to address this statistic by hiring ten people, or thousands of people with disabilities for public service.  Do these programs lead to more of us obtaining government employment?


Today Pushing Limits talks to three people about the reality of being hired by the State of California while living as a person with a disability.
Aaron Carruthers is the director of the State Council of Developmental Disabilities. One of the issues his organization advocates around is employment for those with disabilities.
Catherine Campisi. A women speaks into a microphone. She has curly dark hair with a distinguished shock of gray in the front. One of her hands is curled toward her body.
Catherine Campisi
Catherine Campisi works with the Association of California State Employees with Disabilities (ACSED) a membership organization working to address issues faced by individuals with disabilities in obtaining employment through the state.
Ammy Joseph

Ammy Joseph is a person with a disability who’s looking for state employment.




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Produced and Interviews by Jacob Lesner-Buxton
Host & Audio Editor: Mark Romoser
Additional Audio Editing: Sheela Gunn-Cushman & Adrienne Lauby