Project Censored

Media Matters: Polarization and Propaganda; and Medicare and Ongoing Privatization of Healthcare in the US

Mickey hosts the first segment of the show. His guest Kenn Burrows describes an upcoming conference “From Polarization to Integration,” to be held April 21 on the San Francisco State University campus. The event will address strategies for overcoming issues of censorship around important but controversial matters. Also joining Mickey and Kenn is journalist Tony Brasunas, author of the new book Red, White, and Blind, who presents examples of vital stories and opinions suppressed by corporate media and what we can do to expand our media diets. Then Eleanor Goldfield hosts the second half of the show; her guest, physician and political activist Dr. Margaret Flowers, details ways in which for-profit healthcare firms are taking over more and more segments of the US healthcare system, and reducing the quality of patient care.

Kenn Burrows teaches Holistic Health at San Francisco State University and is a long-time contributor to Project Censored. Tony Brasunas is an independent journalist and the author of a new book, Red, White, and Blind: The Truth About Disinformation and the Path to Media Consciousness on the failures of corporate media, their ongoing propaganda campaigns, and what we the people can do to be more mindful about media matters. Dr. Margaret Flowers is a pediatrician, an advocate of single-payer healthcare financing, and a contributor to Popular Resistance.


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