Pitch a Fit with PVC

Pitch a Fit with PVC – May 1, 2018

this episode is no longer available


Free form style with doses of rock, techno, r&b, punk, soul, metal, standards, soundtracks, indie, spoken word, and things that haven’t been invented yet.


ennio morriconethe e of g
billy braggthe internationale
tori amoshappy workers
fun boy threelunatics
assassinl'entrave a nos jouissances
murder city devilsdancing shoes
iggy popthe passenger
the piercessecret
nina hagensmack jack
snakefingerthe spot
southern culture on the skidsdaddy was a preacher...but mama was a go go girl
the blastersdark night
sleepy john estesworking man blues
bob doroughlolly lolly lolly
lee press on and the nailshot for teacher
brakcrazy lovesick fool
squeezeup the junction
the jamthe dreams of children
liliputdie matrosen
sf sealsdoc ellis
pearl harbor & the explosionsdrivin'
saxonprincess of the night
motorheadroad crew
exoduspurge the world
killing jokerequiem
klaus nomiafter the fall
lesley goreit's my party
tom waitsa soldier's things
elmer bernsteinto kill a mockingbird
the beta banddr baker
lou reedperfect day
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