Pitch a Fit with PVC

Pitch a Fit with PVC – June 4, 2019

this episode is no longer available


Free form style with doses of rock, techno, r&b, punk, soul, metal, standards, soundtracks, indie, spoken word, and things that haven’t been invented yet.


Artist Song Album Label
r.i.p roky ericksonjuly 15 1947 - may 31 2019
ennio morriconethe ecstasy of gold
the spadesyou're gonna miss me
roky erickson and the alienstwo headed dog
the 13th floor elevatorstried to hide
the 13th floor elevatorssplash 1
roky ericksoni pledge allegiance / pushing and pulling
the 13th floor elevatorsreverbaration (doubt)
roky erickson and the alienscreature with the atom brain
roky ericksoni have always been here before
roky erickson and the aliensi walked with a zombie
roky ericksondon't shake me lucifer
roky erickson and the explosivesdon't shake me lucifer
roky erickson and the explosivesbermuda / the wind and more / starry eyes / i walked with a zombie / stand for the fire demon / bloody hammer
roky erickson & evil hook wildlife e.t.cold night for alligators
the 13th floor elevatorsslip into this house
roky erickson with okkervil rivergood bye sweet dreams
roky erickson and the alienswake up to rock and roll / sputnik
roky ericksondon't slander me / i've just seen a face
the 13th floor elevatorsi've got levitation
the 13th floor elevatorsyou're gonna miss me
lou reedperfect day

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