Pitch a Fit with PVC

Pitch A Fit – March 1, 2016

this episode is no longer available


8.15.11 iphone 041


ennio morriconethe ecstasy of gold
the castscience fiction double feature
bowiesue (or in a season of crime)
ludicraone thousand wolves
manic street preacherstheme from mash
april marchle temps de l'amour
princeannie christian
dylan thanhbalanced voice songs
the celibate riflesthey're killing us all to make the world safe
dwarvesthe band that wouldn't die
the dictatorspussy and money
we fiveyou were on my mind
monochrome setapocalypso
man or astro-man?big trak attack
mojo nixontie my pecker to my leg
psycotic pineapplehang on for your life
strychnineutopia project
translatoreverywhere that i'm not
the memberssolitary confinement
the piranhasmy disease
derekeverybody here likes having pudding
the fire escape96 tears
ethel watersam i blue
queengreat king rat
kevin and the octavestell me
the mummiesthe fly
the lurkerscyanide
ben vereen & companybye bye love
leadbellymidnight special
lou reedperfect day
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