Pitch a Fit with PVC

Pitch A Fit – February 10, 2015

this episode is no longer available


Free form style with doses of rock, techno, R&B, punk, soul,
metal, standards, soundtracks, indie, spoken word, and things that
haven’t been invented yet.
Hosted by PVC or Desperate Pedestrian.


ennio morriconethe ecstasy of gold
perry comocatch a falling star
lou reedwalk on the wild side
rolling stonesfactory girl
bob dylanjust like a woman
antoineles elucubrations
martha and the vandellasnowhere to run
the stoogeslittle doll
the velvet underground and nicoall tomorrow's parties
david bowieandy warhol
nicoi'll keep it with mine
john calebig white cloud
irma thomasanyone who knows what love is (will understand)
haruki murakamithe strange library (read by kirby heyborne)
the timesi helped patrick mcgoohan escape
lou reedperfect day
walk on the wild side to big white cloud orig. sequenced by dylan for friday playlists at rookiemag.com
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