Pitch a Fit with PVC

Pitch A Fit – December 13, 2016

this episode is no longer available


Free form style with doses of rock, techno, punk, soul, metal, standards, soundtracks, indie, spoken word, and things that haven’t been invented yet.


ennio morriconethe ecstasy of gold
the residentseveryone comes to the freak show
mc5american ruse
black flaggimmie gimmie gimmie
the mummiesyou must fight to live on the planet of the apes
naked aggressionkids in america
eloticket to the moon
helios creedbeginning of light
blockheadwhich one of you jerks drank my arnold palmer?
nat king coleit's only a paper moon
mike pattonore d'amore
big starnature boy
the real tuesday weldbathtime in clerkenwell
the clashsomebody got murdered
the committedbritish crimes
lunachicksthe day squid's gerbil died
terminal spectatorsanother day another dream
camper van beethovenwhere the hell is bill?
junglebusy earnin'
the almighty defendersthe ghost with the most
gang of fourcheeseburger
big soulle brio
ramonesshe's the one
dusty springfieldi will always want you
graham parkerback in time
hans zimmerdream is collapsing
keatsode to a nightengale
hedwigwicked little town
jose gonzalezhow low
procol harumconquistador
cheap trickheart on the line
the meteorsnight of the werewolf
buzzcockswhat do i get?
the anti-nowhere leaguestreets of london
pablo casalsallemande bach suite no 5 in c minor
frank sinatrafly me to the moon
lou reedperfect day
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