Pitch a Fit with PVC

Pitch A Fit – April 4, 2017

this episode is no longer available


Free form style with doses of rock, techno, r&b, punk, soul, metal, standards, soundtracks, indie, spoken word, and things that haven’t been invented yet. PVC is on the 1st thru 3rd Tuesday and Felicia Bridges is on 4th and 5th Tuesday.


ennio morriconethe e of g
aaron coplandappalachian spring
pink floydwish you were here
thee midnitersjump jive and harmonize
jolly green giantsbusy body
five americansslippin and slidin
the us fourthe alligator
the incrowdset me free
cobrasi wanna be your love
count and the colonycan't you see?
del shannonmove it on over
jimmy stokely & the exilesit's alligator time
r.d. burmansalaam memsaab music
the human beingsain't that lovin' you, baby
the castastro boy
julee cruisemysteries of love
bill faybe not so fearful
lou reedperfect day
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