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Pence Keeps Promise To Thwart Korean Unity at Olympics

The Winter Olympics in South Korea were marked by a rare show of unity between the two Koreas even as the US ratchets up the pressure for war with Kim Jong Un. On our show today we’ll turn to John Feffer for how US Vice President Mike Pence engaged in a juvenile show of diplomatic aggression at the games. Then, we’ll speak with Ironstache – the upstart progressive challenger to Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District. Randy Bryce is an iron worker, union member, cancer survivor and US Army veteran whose strong progressive vision is already garnering him the widespread support of ordinary Americans. Finally, we’ll turn to Norman Solomon for a look at what the acclaimed film The Post leaves out. Based on the Washington Post’s decision to publish the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam war, Solomon’s review will focus on the unsaid cozy relationship between journalists and politicians.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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