Over the Edge

Over the Edge presents – September 6, 2019

Themed mixes are made live and spontaneously on the air, consisting of found sound of many kinds and from many sources, old and new, put together on the run as the continuous audio collage continues.


Emmanuelle ParreninPerelandra (Side 2)PerelandraSouffle Continu
Paolo ModugnoMorte di soundjat keitaLe Bala et la moucheNew Tone
Charles IvesPrelude #1 - Pulse of the CosmosUniverse Symphony (Johnny Reinhard Realization)Stereo Society
Pauline OliverosThe Day I Disconnected The Erase Head And Forgot To Reconnect ItReverberations (Disc 5)Important
Choeur d'hommesNadouriGeorgie / Chants de travailOcora / Harmonia Mundi
Mauricio KagelAcusticaAcusticaDeutsche Grammofon
Jimmy Giuffre 3Jesus MariaJimmy Giuffre 3ECM
Ivo MalecLuminetudesIvo MalecINA GRM
Carl StoneFujiken (Final Section)HimalayaUnseen Worlds
Katamari ArtistsLonely Rolling Star (Stage 4, Urgo)Katamari Fortissimo DamacySony
Karaca / Ereck / KesovaQur'an RecitationThe Music of Islam Volume 10Celestial Harmonies
Ivo MalecWeek-End (a Wagner)Ivo MalecINA GRM
Einojuhani RautavaaraCantus Arcticus: The MarshConcerto for Birds and OrchestraNaxos
OrganizationRuckzuck (Live)Kraftwerk !/2bootleg
Annea LockwoodJitterbugIn Our NameNew World
R.A.E.DHashisheThe Lava's Volcanoself-released
Conlon NancarrowNo. 44aStudies 42-48 vol. 4MDG Scene
Myroslav SkorykGrowing Up In LoveShadow of Forgotten Ancestors OSTsoundcloud
PartchHarry Partch: Castor & PolluxPlectra & Percussion DancesBridge
Ann McMillianAmber '75Gateway Summer Sound: Abstracted Animal & Other SoundsFolkways
Thurston Moore GroupSpring Swells (Wobbly Remix)7"Ecstatic Peace Library
Floris VanhoofThe Fluid ComputerThe Fluid Computerbandcamp
Bulgarian Voices [Angelite] & Moscow Art Trio w/ Huun-Huur-TuMidnight TaleMidnight TaleZebra Acoustic
Dunya YunisAbu Zelufmusic in the world of islam human voicetopic
Moebius & NeumeierMango Solo - moebius 123villa rmx#02 (Reconstructed by Ricardo Villalobos)Zero Set II ReconstructMusicmine
Leo KupperAutomatismes SonoresLeo KupperSub Rosa
Gurdjieff / De HartmannReading From A Sacred BookThe Music of Gurdjieff / de HartmannTriangle
Oorjak Hunashtaar-oolReka Alash (Alash River)Melodii TuviDust To Digital
Luigi NonoHolderinPromoteoEMI
Terry FoxSuono InternoAtaraxiaPlate Lunch
Hildegard von Bingen / SequentiaO quam mirabilis estSymphoniaeHarmonia Mundi
PerotinBeata visceraSacred Music from Notre-Dame CathedralNaxos
Palestrina / Pro Cantione AntiquaGloriaMissa Assumpta Est MariaRegis
PlainchantViderunt OmnesSacred Music from Notre-Dame CathedralNaxos
Guillaume Dufay / Cantica SymphonicaSupremum est mortalibus bonumSupremum est mortalibus bonumGlossa
Karaca / Ereck / KesovaBaqara 1Qur'an RecitationCelestial Harmonies
1959 United Sacred Harp Convention, AlabamaAlabamaSouthern Journey: And Glory Shone AroundRounder
Monteverdi / Concerto ItalianiSfogava con le steleQuatro Libro Dei MadrigaliNaive
Antoine Brumel / Huelgas EnsembleGloriaMissa "et ecce terrae motus"Sony
Shartse College of Ganden MonasteryThe Sealed-for-Secrecy Torma Offering to the Dharma Protector Setab) a cappellaTibetan BuddhismBridge
Damainda-BauMo-MoSacred Flute Music of New Guinea
Maggi PayneRising (1980)Selected Works (1976-1981)unreleased
Choeur d'hommesNadouriGeorgie / Chants de travailLe Chant Du Monde
Jaap VInkTide 85Jaap VinkRecollections GRM
Giancinto Scelsi / ArdittiString Quartet No. 4Les cinq Quatuors a CordesSalabert Actuels
The Wind HarpCycle Two: Elements - FireSong From The HillUA
Musicians from PermetKabaAlbanieLe Chant Du Monde

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