Over the Edge

Over the Edge presents – September 13, 2019

Themed mixes are made live and spontaneously on the air, consisting of found sound of many kinds and from many sources, old and new, put together on the run as the continuous audio collage continues.


Maggi PayneGlassy MetalsArctic WindsInnova
Carl StoneKikanbouHimalayaUnseen Worlds
MSHRForest ModuleSignal Hybrid RecursionDeplayer
Roland KaynGhyressMultiplex Sound-ArtRRR
John WieseCircle SnareCircle SnareNo Fun
NegativlandDestroying AnythingTrue FalseSeeland
MSHREmergent Knot TracesEmergent Knot Traces
Ruth GarbusStrashKleinmeisterOrindal
David Tudorexcerpt from DialectsImaginary LandscapesElektra Nonesuch
Eva QuartetDaybreak DawnedHarmoniesKuker
Jaap VinkScreenElectronic Panorama UtrechtPhilips
MSHRLaughter ConstructionPhased Trance Constructions
Otomo YoshihideAnode 1AnodeTzadik
Ariel KarmaOsmose 1Osmose
Alice ShieldsCoyoteLe Pioniere Della Musica Elettronica
Porter RicksNautical DubBiokineticsChain Reaction
Bob OstertagPlays the SergePlays the SergeAnalogue Motions
Eliane RadigueChry-ptus IChry-ptusSchoolmap
Teresa RampazziPolifonie di novembreLe Pioniere Della Musica Elettronica
Hector ZazouSous Les BougainvilliersGeographiesCrammed
Tuvan Field RecordingsBirds and Bird ImitationsTuva, Among the SpiritsFolkways
Michael McNabbDreamsongComputer Music1750 Arch
Harp ConsortMarizaplos a lo humanoMissa MexicanaHarmonia Mundi
Klaus NomiOvertureZa BakdazHeliocentric
People Like UsFree (My Prayer)The Mirror
Toshirou MayuzumiMusic for sine wave by proportion of prime numberOto no hajimari wo Motomete
MSHRFlaming Telepaths

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