Over the Edge

Over the Edge presents – August 2, 2019

Themed mixes are made live and spontaneously on the air, consisting of found sound of many kinds and from many sources, old and new, put together on the run as the continuous audio collage continues.


Swingle SingersConcerto a Six - AllegroSwingling TelemannPhillips
Atrium Musicae de MadridLa Folia 2La FoliaHarmonia Mundi
Leo KupperSantur et OscinesSantur Occident OrientSub Rosa
Rene LussierDuchesne TelephoneReR Records Quarterly v3n1ReR
Halim El-DabhMeditation in White SoundCrossing Into The Electric MagneticWFR
Suite for Microtonal Piano: SongBen JohnstonMicrotonal PianoKoch
Kevin BrahenyLullaby for the Hearts of SpaceLullaby for the Hearts of SpaceHeartcall
Huun-Huur-TuOdugen TaigaAncestors CallWorld Village
Andrew Skeoch & Sarah KoschakOrmiston Gorge Full Moon 3 am (with Pied Butcherbird)Spirit of the Outback
Bridgewater DrummersShamanic Journey Multiple DrummingShamanic JourneyFoundation for Shamanic Studies
BosaviGroup Ceremonial Drumming ilib kuwoBosavi Rainforest MusicSmithsonian
Maryanne AmacherSound Characters from 2021 the Life PeopleThe Throne Of DronesAsphodel
Hua Family Shawm BandBaiheyan (fanzidiao)Walking ShrillPan
Toshirou MayuzumiOlympic CampanologyOto no Hajimariwo Motomete
Anton BatagovPrayer Wheel At The Great StupaPrayers and DancesTummo
Rene LussierExtrait du ManifestoReR Records Quarterly v3n1ReR
Keep The DogImprov / Candy MachineLive 1991Unreleased
Jennifer WalsheIn Glorious MonoAll The Many PeoplsMigro
NegativlandDiscernmentTrue FalseSeeland
Jennifer Walshe & WobblyImprovisationLive At Issue Project Room June 2019
Matmos / WobblySupreme Balloon (live Portland)Live 2008Unreleased
Ron Pellegrino & Sal MartiranoFree ElectronsItalian-American Electronic Music DreamsElectronic Arts Productions
Gerard GriseyPartielsLes Espaces Acoustiques - Asbury / Bavarian RSO 2 may 2008
Kevin Blechdom & Hamdi MakhloufInto The Waves7+1Tsuku Boshi
Anthony BraxtonComposition No. 96Composition No. 96Leo
Judy Kleinthe wolves of Bays Mountainthe wolves of Bays MountainOpen Space
Jungle BrothersRa Ra KidCrazy Wisdom MastersUnreleased
Georgian Male ChorusCharchandelsa NaqanevsaChants de travailOcora
chanteurs de VloreWhat Have Ianina's Eyes SeenAlbania Vocal and Instrumental PolyphonyLe Chant Du Monde
Madagascar Whale Two
Ann SouthamReprieveSeastillFuriant
James TenneyVoice(s)HarmoniumNew World
Eliane RadigueOccam Ocean for OrchestraOccam Ocean 2Shiin
Bridgewater DrummersShamanic Journey Multiple DrummingShamanic JourneyFoundation For Shamanic Studies
Benjamin Lew / Steven BrownIl, Les Quitta A L'aubeDouzieme Journey: Le Verbe, La Parure, L'amourCrammed Discs

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