Over the Edge presents

Over the Edge – January 29, 2016

Themed mixes are made live and spontaneously on the air, consisting of found sound of many kinds and from many sources, old and new, put together on the run as the continuous audio collage continues.


Sarah DavachiLive ImprovisationUnreleasedUnreleased
  • LOST_in_LiMBO

    Now this is MORE LiKE iT; Thank You for tonight’s ambience, and for letting the dedicated listeners actually participate, …much appreciated, …it was BEAUTiFUL! =’)

  • LOST_in_LiMBO

    I would describe tonight’s show, from about 1 AM onward, as…”A breeze of electronic noise that ruffles the feathers of porcelain birds squating on metallic branches with satin leaves fluttering in the space that stretches just …over the edge”! =’D

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