Oh My Gospel!

Oh My Gospel! – March 5, 2017

this episode is no longer available


Producer Bernard Henderson
Since KPFA already has a gospel show on Saturdays, why not have another on Sundays?


Kate WolfAcross The Great DivideWeaver of Visionsrhino
Utah PhillipsAll Used UpStarlight On The RailsPMPress
Nina SimoneI Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be FreeNina Simone AnthologyBMG Legacy
Utah PhillipsStarlight On The RailsStarlight On The RailsPM Press
Nina SimoneI Love You PorgyNina Simon AnthologyBMG Legacy
Utah PhillipsGreen And Rolling Hills Of West VirginiaStarlight On The RailsPM Press
Nina SimoneDo What You Gotta DoNina Simone AnthologyBMG Legacy
Utah PhillipsGoodnight Loving TrailStarlight On The RailsPM Press
Nina SimoneFour WomenNina Simone AnthologyBMG Legacy
Utah PhillipsKids Liberation SongStarlight On The RailsPMPress
Nina SimoneBlack Is The Color Of My True Loves HairNina Simone AnthologyBMG Legacy
Kate Brislin & Jody StecherOrphan TrainStarlight On The RailsPMPress
Utah PhillipsSing In The SpringStarlight On The RailsPMPress
Nina SimoneNobody Knows You When You're Down And OutNina Simone AnthologyBMG Legacy
Kate Brislin & Jody StecherMiner's LullabyStarlight On The RailsPMPress
Nina SimoneWhy The King Of Love Is DeadNina Simone AnthologyBMG Legacy
Utah PhillipsNevada JaneStarlight On The RailsPM Press
Nina SimoneDon't Let Me Be UnderstoodNina Simone AnthologyBMG Legacy
Nina SimoneStrange FruitNina Simone AnthologyBMG Legacy
Utah Phillips with Kate WolfAces Straights and FlushesStarlight On The RailsPM Press
Nina SimoneFunkier That A Mosquitos TweeterNina Simone AnthologyBMG Legacy
Nina SimoneMississippi GodamnNina Simone AnthologyBMG Legacy
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