Oakland Resident in Post-Arrest Coma Plus: A Report on OPD

Ziad Abbas is a journalist, educator and Program Manager for Cross-Cultural Programs at the Middle East Children’s Alliance. He is a Palestinian refugee from the West Bank and he joins UpFront to discuss what is shifting politically in Palestine. Afterwards, Michelle de Vera and Terrance Lee, sister-in-law and brother of Paul Wilber Lee, join us on the air to talk about the tragic accident that happened to their loved one. Paul is in a medically induced coma after he was arrested by the Oakland Police for a DUI on Oct. 27. The family is looking into filing a lawsuit for violations of Paul’s constitutional rights regarding the use of excessive force. Meghan Hunt, the author of the study “Working to Close the Gap: How Stress and Fatigue Impact Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops by Oakland Police” converse with Cat Brooks about what the implications of this study are; does exhaustion and stress only serve to amplify existing structural biases and violence?

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