Rising Up With Sonali

New Bill Aims To Close Offshore Tax Haven Incentives

The recently passed GOP Tax reform bill was riddled with problems but among them was one that got little attention – how it increased rather than decreased incentives for wealthy corporations to hide their money offshore. Our guest Richard Phillips joins us today to discuss a new bill introduced by Democrats to remove that incentive. Then, investigative journalist Rebecca Burns joins us to discuss a new ACLU report about the return of “debtor’s prisons” in the US and how millions of American are threatened with jail time every year for debts as low as a few dollars. Then, we’ll re-air a related story on a report by the Juvenile Law Center which found that the widespread use of fines and fees in juvenile justice systems nationwide has amounted to an effective “debtor’s prison for kids.” JLC’s Jessica Feierman will be our guest.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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