Music of the World Mondays

Music of the World Mondays – March 14, 2016

this episode is no longer available


What’s happening musically around the Mediterranean, France, Spain, Africa, the Pacific, Asia, Madagascar, Brazil, Louisiana, Memphis, Texas, and beyond.


Pink FloydWaiting For The WormsThe WallColumbia
Jamie Saft/MerzbowConquererMerzdubCaminante
PILAlbatrossSecond EditionVirgin
Saft/MerzbowSlow Down Furry DubMerzdubCaminante
Omar SuleymanWenu WenuWenu WenuRibbon
SolexShout ShoutLow Kick And Hard BopMatador
GlanyarSuling Of UbudMusic For Temple Festivals And Death RitualsWorld Arbiter
Tufanpur OrchestraReng E GhafghazReedsDust To Digitak
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