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Women Rising Radio: Rescuing The Isolated and Displaced, Women of Doctors Without Borders

Most of the world simply has no health care… vast tracts of land and vast populations of people don’t have doctors  –  or at best must make great efforts to reach medical care.  In addition, masses of displaced people and refugees – over 100,000,000 at last count – desperately need to be rescued from their desperate situations.  Doctors Without Borders, Medecins Sans Frontieres in French (MSF) is on the ground providing quality medical care to those in need across the world.  A few of these healers tell the stories of their work in the field.  


Canada’s Dr. Sarah Giles, the one doctor aboard the MSF ship Aquarius rescuing refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean sea from Africa and the Middle East.  Spain’s Dr. Estrella Lasry worked in the field in Central African Republic and the Congo, then took on the Ebola outbreak in Liberia. US/San Marino nurse Melanie Capiccioni treats malnutrition, first in South Sudan and then in Uganda.  And Kenya’s Neema Kaseje brings her skills in surgery to pregnant women and survivors of violence in Africa.  


Producer:  Lynn Feinerman

Host: Sandina Robbins

Audio:  Stephanie Welch

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Vice News,  Doctors Without Borders, Cassandra Wilson “Shelter from the Storm”

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Doctors Without Borders

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