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Staying Rooted: Community Focused Economic Models, Cooperative Housing, and the New Economy Coalition

Collective housing, cultural co-ops, land trusts, community banks are community-rooted enterprises that empower those that have been excluded from traditional economic institutions. Solidarity economy models exercised throughout the country are becoming viable solutions towards sustainable and economically just living.

Today we’re visiting community-rooted enterprises where people are rethinking power and participation in their lives. Collective housing and cultural co-ops, land trusts and community banks are providing fundamental shifts in our workplaces, living spaces, and economic understanding of local communities.

This program was produced with support from the New Economies Reporting Project, funded with a grant from the Park Foundation.


Eri Oura – Cycles of Change, The Bikery

Devi Peacock – Peacock Rebellion, Liberating Ourselves Locally

Harper Bishop – Open Buffalo

Julia Ho – Solidarity Economy St. Louis

Iya Ifalola OmobolaCooperation Jackson

Amara Enyia Public Policy Expert


Host: R.J. Lozada

Producers: Anita Johnson, Marie Choi, Monica Lopez, R.J. Lozada

Executive Director: Lisa Rudman

Audience Engagement Director: Sabine Blaizin

Development Associate: Vera Thykulsker

Special thanks to Rachel Dickson for recording panelists in Chicago.

For More information:

New Economy Coalition

Open Buffalo

Solidarity Economy St. Louis

Cooperation Jackson

Amara Enyia Website

Liberate 23rd Ave

Liberating Ourselves Locally (LOL)

Sustaining Ourselves Locally (Oakland SOL)

Cycles of Change/The Bikery

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