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Women Rising 32: Nuclear Weapons Abolitionists Part 2

no_nukes_protest_mediumAs nuclear plant accidents mount, and nuclear waste becomes a greater threat to health and safety worldwide, Women Rising Radio features veteran activists at the center of the movement to phase out nuclear energy, power and research. We revisit Chernobyl, Fukushima, Three Mile Island and many less well known disasters – and hear about real solutions to the problem of nuclear energy.

Claire Greensfelder, International Forum on Globalization, Women in Europe for a Common Future, and the Global Women’s Call for Climate Justice, former nuclear campaign director for Greenpeace.
Aileen Mioko Smith, director of Green Action Japan.
Ursula Sladek, founder of Shoenau Energy Company in Germany.

Host: Sandina Robbins
Producer: Lynn Feinerman
Audio Engineer: Jackie Sojico
Audio Recordist: Nicolo Scolieri

 Photo Credits:
“8/9 Nagasaki Day Protest at Livermore Labs,” photo by The Resource Center for Nonviolence via Twitter @RNCV1

Music Credit:
“8/9 Nagasaki Day Protest musicians, with special thanks to Stefan Kelly

For More Information:
Hiromi Kawakami, “God Bless You, 2011”  visit our Featured Essays page for the entire story.
INOCHI for Life
International Women’s Call for Climate Justice
Shoenau Energy Company
WEDO, Women’s Environment and Development Organization
ICAN, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear
Helen Caldicott, Nuclear Power is Not the Answer
Samira Goetschel  City 40
Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy
Nuclear Free Future
Women in Europe for a Common Future
No Nukes Action Committee
Fairewinds Energy Education

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