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Women Rising 30: International Slavery and Human Trafficking

Human TrafickingWomen Rising Radio #30 profiles women fighting slavery, trafficking and forced labor globally.

Ima Matul, with CAST LA, was trafficked to Los Angeles, was rescued by the Coalition Against Slavery and Trafficking in Los Angeles, and now heads CAST’s leadership program. Joanna Ewart-James is the executive director of WALK FREE, an online and on-the-ground network battling trafficking, forced labor, and servitude worldwide. WALK FREE is based in London. Elena Uraleva is an independent human rights monitor in her home country of Uzbekistan.  She works with WALK FREE to document forced labor and human rights abuses there. Supriya Awasthi works on children’s rights and on freeing bonded slaves in India.  She is a staff member of FREE THE SLAVES.

Producer: Lynn Feinerman
Host: Sandina Robbins
Audio Engineer: Vanessa Lowe
Additional Audio: Monica Lopez, Stephanie Welch
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Web Editor: Kwan Booth

Other Staff:

Meerim Ilyas, Urgent Action Fund for Women

Umida Niyazova,  Journalist, Russia


More information                                                     

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights | United Nations
Global Report on Trafficking in Persons–en/index.htm

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