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The Draft, Duty, and Dissent: G.I. Resistance to War

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It was the 1960s ” and throughout the United States, opposition to the War in Vietnam was growing. The Draft forced young men to make a choice about their own participation in the war. And many chose to resist.
Over the course of the war, 2.6 million went to fight in Vietnam. More than 15 million were exempt or disqualified from military service. And over 200,000 officially defied the draft. Today, the US military is made up of those who enlist. What does it take ” in the absence of an official draft ” to build resistance to war and empire among the very people charged with fighting for it?


Draft Resistors: Bruce Cutler, Bruce Dancis, Joseph Gerson, Larry Gossett, Pete Knutson, Mike Rotkin, Phil Stahlman, and Sam Yamashita. Camilo Mejia, former Staff Sergeant, Iraq Veterans Against The War.


Host: Marie Choi

The Draft and The Vietnam Generation Producer, Video Editor, Director: Beth Sanders

Camilo Mejia speech Recordist and Video Editor: Charles Jenks

Special thanks to the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice and to Camilo Mejia for allowing us to share it.

Producers: Monica Lopez, Marie Choi, RJ Lozada, Anita Johnson

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The speeches were originally recorded and produced by Carly Forbes for Migrant Matters, a podcast.
Photo Credits:  flickr

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