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Failing Our Youth: An Inadequate Foster Care System

This show takes a look at issues within the foster care system in the U.S. from the high rate of teen pregnancy to the alarming use of psychiatric medications in California’s foster care system.

Special thanks to the Bay Area News Group.

Nicole Rocke
, former foster youth; Kyle Lafferty, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy: Linda Bryant, Clinical Professor at New York University’s School of Social Work; Benita Miller, Deputy Commissioner of Family Permanency Services at the Administration of Children’s Services; Lorraine Jacobs, caseworker; Yolanda Vasquez, former foster youth;  Adriane Fugh-Berman, Pharmacology Professor at Georgetown University’s Medical Center; Bill Grimm,Attorney at National Center for Youth Law; Susan Bullard; David Arredondo, Child psychiatrist; Dr. Edmund Levin, at the Lincoln Child Center; Nancy Forster, Therapist at the Lincoln Child Center; April Rene Sanders, former foster youth and recipient of AB12; Kyle Sporleader, Statewide Legislative Coordinator for California Youth Connection (CYC)

Host: Jasmin Lopez
Producers: Andrew Stelzer, George Lavender, Laura Flynn, Jasmin Lopez
Contributing Producer: Leticia Miranda, Bay Area News Group
Community Storytelling Fellow: Al Sasser
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Web Editor: Kwan Booth

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More information:
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Chapin Hill at the University of Chicago:
Midwest Evaluation of the Adult Functioning of Former Foster Youth
Chapin Hill at the University of Chicago:
Findings from the California Youth Transitions to Adulthood Study (CalYOUTH)
National Conference of State Legislatures:
Extending Foster Care Beyond 18
California Fostering Connections to Success: Resource page
California Department of Social Services:
California Fostering Connections to Success Act (AB12) Extending Foster Care Benefits Fact Sheet

  • Honey Lee Merrie Buhlman

    I am a mother of children taken and feel the pain of these children! In fact, the pain I feel runs so deep that I have started my own war on this corruption against families! I ASK THAT WE BE ALLOWED TO RAISE OUR CHILDREN; CPS IS NEEDED (YES) however; there are families that are being destroyed needlessly just for the MONEY! JUST SO THESE CHILDREN CAN SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF THESE MONSTER’S THAT DO NOT CARE WEATHER OR NOT OUR LIVES BLOOD EAT, GET MEDICAL ATTENTION, OR GET A GOOD EDUCATION. Four of my five children have come home and of those four only one turned out having a decent home life and environment per say and even that was strained at the fact that the adopted mother let him down therefore; four out of four are not such good odd on getting good adoptive parents folks!!! CPS AND ADOPTION REFORM IS NEEDED! FORCED ADOPTION GONE! FAMILY REUNIFICATION PROGRAMS, MAKE IT HONEST! SERVICE PLANS, MAKE THEM WORKABLE; NOT SET UP FOR THE PARENT TO FAIL AND NEVER ENDING! AND, Democracy Now- unless you, yourself have been in my shoes and have walked my road and have lost your children because of what your wife or husband has done that do NOT SAY A WORD ON THIS POST!!!

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