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Documenting FREDY: Eight Years After the Shooting in Montreal

Freddy VillanuevaFredy Villaneuva was playing dice in a park in Montreal North when police officers arrived. In less than a minute, the 18-year-old was fatally shot by police. Eight years later, what happened in those sixty seconds remains unclear. The documentary play Fredy tries to untangle what happened before and after the shooting, as it asks questions about racial profiling, systemic discrimination, and the promise of art for social change.


Annabel Soutar, Artistic Director, Porte Parole

Ricardo Lamour, actor, musician community activist

Parker Mah, multimedia artist, community activist

Joanie Poirier, Actress

Florence Blain, audience member

Angel Mota, audience member

Actors voices:

Solo Fugère – Will Prosper, Dany Villanueva

Ricardo Lamour

Iannicko N’Doua – Jeffrey Sagor-Météllus, Alain Arsenault

Alice Pascual – Anonymous police officer, Martha Villaneuva

Joanie Poirier – Stéphanie Pilotte, Lilian Villaneuva’s interpretor

Etienne Thibeault – Jean-Loup Lapointe




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